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One, one, one

One, one, onePlease cat run, Two, two, twoThe dog is after you.

The House of the Little Mouse

„Little mouse, littlemouse,Where is your little house?B: Here is the door,Underthe floor!”

A fairy tale wedding

Ariel married Prince GrimAnd their wedding was a dream.Queens ate cream and berries,Kings danced with the fairies,Wizards on wooden shelvesDrank champagne with all the elves.

Ali Baba’s farm

Ali Baba, he has a little farm,On his farm he has some little lambs.Baa,baa sing his little lambsOn the farm of Ali Baba. Ali Baba he has a little farm,On his farm he has some little cows.Moo,moo talk his little… Continuă lectura →

Me and my dog

me and my dog me and my dog hes as big as a hog he loves to have fun and sleep in the sun me and my dog he’s really really crazy and super super lazy he looks like a… Continuă lectura →


Summer breezesummer longI’ll sing to youmy summer song Read a poemA summer songIt isn’t longIt’s just a song From my hearta poem longbut not at allmy summer song My summer longis something speciala poem, a songto my heart belong Summer… Continuă lectura →

Butterfly, where do you fly?

Butterfly, butterfly,Where do you fly,So quick and so high,In the blue, blue sky?

An apple pie

An apple pie,When it looks nice,Would makeone longTo have a slice;But if the tasteShould prove so, too,I fear one sliceWould scarcely do.So, to preventMy asking twice,Pray, Mamma,Cut a large slice!

Bat, Bat

  Bat, Bat (clap hands) come under myhat,And I’ll give you a slice of bacon;And when I bake, I’llgive you a cakeIf I am not mistaken.

Bow, wow, says the dog

Bow, wow, says the dog;Mew, mew, says the cat;Grunt, grunt, goes the hog;And squeak goes the rat. Tu-whu, says the owl;Caw, caw, says the crow;Quack, quack, says the duck;And what the sparrows say, you know.

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