Etichetă little

The Little Bird

Once I saw a little birdHoping:hop, hop, hopAnd I cried: – Little bird, will you stop, stop,stop? I was going to the windowTo say: How do you do?Buthe shook his little tailAnd away he flew.

When little Fred went to bed

When little Fred went to bed,Healways said his prayers;He kissed mama, and then papa,Andstraightway went upstairs.

One Little Flower

One little flower, one little bee.One little blue bird, high in the tree.One little brown bear smiling at me.One is the number I like,You see.

Little Mouse

„Little mouse little mouseWhere is your little house?”„Here is the door,Under the floor!”

Little sister

I am the sister of himAnd he is my brotherHe is too little for usTo talk to each other. So every morning I show himMy doll and my book,But every morning he still isToo little to look.

Little Fred

When little Fred was called to bedHe always acted right;He kissed Mamma, and then papa,And wished them all goodnight. He made no noise, like naughty boys,But gently upstairsDirectly went when he was sent,And always said his prayers.

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