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Carmen a castigat un Volkswagen Passat la promotia Milupa

Carmen si micutul Teo sunt marii castigatori ai promotiei Milupa „Cu laptic si cereale, bebe mic masina are„ In luna aprilie, promotia Milupa „Cu laptic si cereale, bebe mic masina are” si-a ales marele castigator. Teo, bebelusul norocos din Iasi,… Continuă lectura →

The legs

 We are TwinsWe are twins,We walk together.We never part,We make a pair forever.

Some little mice

Some little mice sat in a barn tospin;Pussy came by, and popped his head in;„Shall I comein, and cut your threads off?”„Oh, no, kind sir, youwill snap our heads off!

Anna Maria

Anna Maria, she sat on the fire.The fire was too hot,She sat on the pot.The pot was too round,She sat on the ground. The ground was too flat,She sat on the cat.The cat ran away with Maria on her back.

High in the pine tree

High in the pine tree,Thelittle turtledoveMade a little nurseryTo please her littlelove.

Little Puppy

Now I have a little puppyWhocan do some funny tricks:He jumps to play with me,He runsafter sticks.

At The Zoo

First I saw the white bear, then I saw the black;Then I saw the camel with a hump upon his back;Then I saw the grey wolf, with mutton in his maw;Then I saw the wombat waddle in the straw;Then I… Continuă lectura →

Mother, may I go out to swim?

  „Mother, may I go out toswim?”„Yes, my darling daughter.Fold your clothesup neat and trim,But don’t go near the water.”  

Baby Animal Names

Baby cats are called kittensBaby bears are called cubsBaby dogs are called puppiesA pigeon’s a squab! A girl horse is a fillyA boy horse is a colt.A possum’s a joey.A chicken’s a poult! A penguin’s a fledglingA reindeer’s a fawnA… Continuă lectura →

I Know a Girl

I know a girl, And who she is,I’ll tell you by and by; When Mummy says:”Dothis,” or “that”!She says: “What for” and “Why” She’dbe a better girl, by far, If she would say:”I’ll try!”

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