Psychology The way we see and react to certain circumstances, our ability to concentrate all our resources to get over the difficult moments, the competence level and especially the degree of self-confidence very much depend on the way we were taught, during childhood, about our abilities and our potential, about what we were and we might become. Pay attention to these problems in order to live a harmonious life with your children. We will offer some support tools in articles written by specialists.

Dezvoltarea copilului mic
» You baby has hearing problems. What can you do?

» Therapeutic Stories for Children
» The Human Psyche and the Learning
» Graphological Analysis or the Mysteries of Handwriting
» Little Secrets for a Perfect Memory
» Voronet- Blue or Burgundy?
» Prenatal Memory and the Learning Process

Mama dupa nastere
» Baby Blues or the Postpartum Moodiness

Parinte de nota zece
» The Effect of the Fights between Parents on the newborns
» Stockholm Syndrome
» Munchausen Syndrome
» Oedipus Complex
» Music Therapy for Children and Parents
» The Importance of the Mother Mental Balance
» Children Diseases, Indicators of Mental Conflicts
» Alexithymia - Children without Emotions
» The Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder in Children
» Stages of Ego Development (0- 3 years old)
» The Child`s Personality

Probleme delicate
» The Baby Is Afraid of the Dark
» The Baby`s Education - What Age Should it Begin?

Psihologia copilului
» The Role of the Doll
» The Baby - in His Room or in His Parents Room?
» The Impact of Television on Children
» When and How Does the Baby Begin to Talk?
» Is Your Child Shy or Not?
» Autism
» The Speech Therapy
» Taking the Child to the Psychotherapist
» Why Do Children Imitate?
» The Gifted Child
» The Development of Intelligence in the first Months of Life
» The Self-Confidence of Babies
» Why Do Babies Cry?
» Frustration in Children
» Hyperactive Children - ADHD
» The AUTISM, The Courage to Admit It
» The Thoughts of a Baby...
» The Child Raised by a Single Parent
» The Child`s Anxiety
» Autistic Disorders in the Little Child

Postpartum Multe schimbari fizice si emotionale apar in timpul sarcinii si dupa nastere. Aceste schimbari pot determina noua mama sa se simta trista, anxioasa, tematoare, si confuza. Pentru multe femei aceste stari, dispar repede.

Nevoia de afectiune a lauzei
Perioada de lauzie incepe imediat dupa nastere, si dureaza intre 6 si 8 saptamani. In aceasta perioada, proaspata mamica trece printr-o serie de modificari fiziologice care marcheaza, dincolo de...

Dezvoltarea psihomotorie Orice act al copilului inglobeaza cunoastere, adaptare la situatie, comunicare, emotie, reactie motorie. Copilul raspunde la voce, la contacte, la gesturi, la surasuri. De asemenea, el imita. Micutul progreseaza daca este incurajat si regreseaza daca este speriat sau abandonat.

5 trucuri pentru a stimula creierul bebelusului

Exista foarte multe solutii prin care putem stimula creierul unui bebelus inca din timpul sarcinii. De ce este important acest aspect? Deoarece conduce catre o viata armonioasa si catre un...