Seven tricks for the pregnant woman`s skin

Seven tricks for the pregnant woman`s skin

  Autor BettyBlue Data: 08.09.2005

Seven tricks for the pregnant woman`s skin
1. Check the cosmetic products you usually use! 
The first thing you must do when you are pregnant is to check the cosmetic products you usually use! Why? Because they could not be appropriate to pregnant woman's skin, which suffers some changes during pregnancy! If you feel they are not good for you, then you'd better renounce using the old cosmetic products and buy other ones, asking a dermatologist advice! 

2. Avoid using soap! 
Soap removes natural oils produced by the skin, so try to use a hydrating shower gel. It will keep the essential oils on the pregnant woman's skin and it will help it shine of health. 

3. Don't stay too much in the tub! 
Too much time spent in the tub, although it is relaxing, can reach to skin dehydration. If it will be ideal if after every bath or shower you would use a hydrating body lotion. 

4. Protect your skin! 
Skin pigmentation can change during pregnancy and your skin can burn or dry much easier because of the sun or wind or cold. So, it is good to use products with UV filter in order to help your face and hands skin. 

5. Nourish your belly skin! 
Don't forget that during pregnancy your skin can lose much of its elasticity and then you can face the unaesthetic stretch marks! It is good to make a slow massage daily, circular of at least 10 minutes to your belly using body oil or a very hydrating cream. 

6. Keep a neuter PH! 
Use only products that have neuter PH in order to keep your skin healthy. 

7. Don't ignore your legs! 
During pregnancy our legs are hurting and they are swollen; that's why it is recommended to use gel or a special cream for feet which contain mint. So we feel a pleasant sensation of coolness and freshness. 

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