Useful accessories for breastfeeding

Useful accessories for breastfeeding

  Autor NN Team Data: 15.11.2010

Are not mandatory - breastfeeding may result effectively without them - but are of great help to mom, making your life easier and more comfortable. In addition, they will protect you against a lot of potential trouble, such as breast swelling, back pain, appearance, crevices etc.. 

Nursing bra 

Swollen during pregnancy and now, after birth, full of nutritious milk, your breasts are heavier and must be supported by a special bra. Otherwise, the breasts can fall under their own weight or suffer because of the disposal of elastic fibers of the skin. 
Also, the bra is also good because it is convenient, closing in front and not at the back, which will give you more rapidity when you unzip. 

Pump Milking 

Whether it is manual or electric, the pump milking is very useful because it will empty your breasts after meals, avoiding excessive swelling and clogging the channels - a very painful problem that requires treatment with warm baths and massage. 
Remember that milking and the transfer of milk in the bottle involve a special hygiene - hands should be washed, as well as breast and the bottle and pump require sterilization. 

Breast shields 

These are some elements of flexible silicone and non-toxic, which protect you against nipple irritation and bleeding. They are also useful when you have flat or blocked nipples. They are set very quickly on your breasts and the baby will pull the milk through them. 

Breastfeeding pillow 

To not bend or sit in awkward positions, you can purchase such a crescent shaped pillow that the baby will sit comfortable on and with which he can quickly find the right position for breastfeeding. No matter how small would be, child's weight will be felt painfully by mother when breastfeeding takes a long time. 

Anti-leak sponges 

Related to cleansing discs, these sponges collect unwanted leakage of milk, allowing, at the same time, your skin to breathe properly. Search sponges which have a hole in the middle, letting the nipples loose. Also, avoid those clad with plastic because they are uncomfortable, the skin sweats quickly and a local infection may appear. 

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