The Plastic Surgery and the Birth

The Plastic Surgery and the Birth

  Autor Dr. Ovidiu Grecu Data: 27.07.2005

The Plastic Surgery and the Birth

After and during pregnancy, the body goes through adaptation changes which often leave unwanted marks.

Often after the breastfeeding process is stopped, the mammary gland goes through an involution process, reducing the volume. During this process, the skin around the gland retracts, but usually not enough, thus the breasts start hanging symmetrically or asymmetrically most often. In this case, the breasts augmentation may bring back the breasts harmony by correcting their volume and the difference between their volumes. In case of ptosis, the mastopexy only or associated with breast implant is the solution.

The fat deposits
They are frequently situated at hips, belly and thighs lines, and might be reshaped by liposuction.

Shorts of fat skin and the stretch marks
Often in case of big pregnancies or twins, there occur irreversible changes of the skin elasticity at the belly line which manifests through skin hanging like shorts in the pubic area, associated with stretch marks. The abdominoplasty solves this problem.

Muscles laxity
During the process of abdominoplasty, the abdominal muscle tone is tighten and the possible presence of a hernia around the umbilical cord is solved too, postpartum.

Related to the pregnancy or not, the presence of labia hypertrophy may create a discomfort which will be removed by the plastic reshaping of them.

The lifting and the reshaping of the pubic area
As this area is also subject to changes during pregnancy, it may be lifted and eventually reshaped by liposuction and miniabdominoplasty.

The aesthetic treatment of varices
The pressure caused by the pregnancy might lead to varices occurance or aggravation. The aesthetic treatment of varices consists in their removal by small incisions after curing. This article is only for your information.

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