Summer Illnesses and Diseases

Summer Illnesses and Diseases

  Autor Adina Hrincu Data: 27.08.2009

Summer Illnesses and Diseases
Fresh and juicy fruits rich in vitamins vegetables, generous sun, vacations and relaxation. These are just a few benefits that summer brings, a hot season that we've been waiting for months. Despite all these, this warm and happy summer can cause discomfort too, if we are not careful to the dangers we are exposed or we expose our children. I refer to the summer diseases, to the effects of sun exposure, to the consequences of improper alimentation. 

Our team collected from specialist and NN members, a few advices for care and alimentation that help us prevent the summer diseases. 

I. Read, inform yourself and add your advices. 

Acute diarrhea at little children

The children diarrhea manifests through frequent watery stools. Most episodes are acute, lasting between 2-3 days and 2 weeks. A diarrheal episode which lasts more than 4 weeks is considered chronic diarrhea. 

Intestinal parasites 

Intestinal parasites are exactly this: unicellular or multicellular organisms, which populate the intestinal tract in humans and animals too. They can live throughout the body, but they'd rather live on the intestinal wall, which is an excellent environment for the multiplication. The most case of parasites infections are found at children, because they play outside very much and are not so careful with their hygiene as the adults. 

Digestive disorders at infants

Acute diarrhea manifests through a fast bowel with modified stools which lead to a sudden loss of water and sodium. The factors that cause this are from the nature: viruses, microbes (E.coli, Salmonella) or parasites (Giardia lamblia). 

Taking care of a sick child 

It's difficult to know that your child is sick. When you notice that your baby is less merry, whiny, refuses to eat, has an unusual paleness or on the contrary, his face is warm, blushing, is he sticks to you asking for more attention, it means he might not be well and these might be the first signs of disease. You should look for some exact signs and symptoms. 

How to keep the food ? 

We are amazed and shocked when hearing about the lack of proper hygiene in the restaurants, fast-foods, nurseries, kindergartens or quarantines. It seems like a sacrilege if they didn't disinfect the glasses well, or didn't keep the meat at the right temperature. But we barely think if we respect these hygiene rules at home, or if we know how to keep the food correctly. 

The importance of water for the body 

There are waters and waters... and although we define it with the same general term, it is never the same. The origin, the purity and composition determine the taste and the legal scientific classification. 

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