Doctor Visits - Vaccinations - Part III

Doctor Visits - Vaccinations - Part III

Data: 12.09.2007

Doctor Visits - Vaccinations - Part III
Measles vaccine 

Measles or rubeola is a viral disease with symptoms such as high fever and a specific skin rash. The complications are rare but very severe. The disease is endangered due to the MMR vaccine which is administered in two doses in Romania, one at 9-12 months of age. After 7-10 days, light reactions might occur. You must avoid the vaccination of children who have convulsions cases in their family, or who do treatments with cortisone. The vaccine is repeated in the first grade, or in the epidemic periods. During the last few years, a three-part vaccine has been used (measles, mumps and rubella). Ask for your doctor's advice before administering it to your child ( at 12-14 months of age). 

The measles vaccine is recommended especially for girls, because it might prevent the risk of developing measles during pregnancy, which will cause fetus malformations. The epidemic parotitis or mumps, is a viral disease which attacks the parotid glands and may cause pancreatic, meningitis or testicular symptoms. The vaccination is recommended especially for boys. The mumps vaccine is administered alone or combined with measles or rubella vaccines. 

Hepatitis B vaccine 

The number of the carriers of hepatitis B virus has increased in the in the last year, thus the vaccination is compulsory in Romania too. The disease is mostly transmitted by sexual contact and by some medical actions (injections, surgeries, blood transfusions). As smoking is the number one cause of lungs cancer, the hepatitis B may be associated with liver cancer in many cases. The hepatitis B vaccine is administered at birth (the first dose) and is repeated at 2 and six months. It has no side effects. 

The influenza vaccine 

Optional vaccinations 

The flu may become dangerous for infants and for old people. The flu virus is constantly changing, and that's why the influenza vaccines don't protect you 100% not even in the same season. You'd better increase the resistance, the child's immunity with alternative methods: air exposure, daily shower/ bathing followed by massage and gym, rubbing with a rougher towel, with cold water. The balanced alimentation has a more important role: the breastfeeding is essential. 
And, don't forget: keep your child away from crowds, from contact withother sick people!

Hepatitis A vaccine 

The vaccine against hepatitis A has been discovered quite recently. This disease is transmitted by digestive way, by dirty hands, dirty foods, even water if the distribution networks are improper. The disease usually occurs in children and doesn't evolve to chronic. It is recommended to vaccinate the children especially before going to kindergarten or school. Unfortunately, this vaccine is not included in the compulsory vaccines scheme but you may buy it from drugstores. 

Haemophilus influenzae type B vaccine 

The vaccine against the microbe Hemophilus influenzae tip B was developed in the last few years, as the virus causes 93% of the fatal meningitis cases in children under five. This germ may also cause otitis, tonsilitis, laryngitis, pneumonia. Today, in Romania, the infections with hemophilus are of low or medium severity. 

The Varicella vaccine 

The chickenpox (varicella) is the easiest to transmit childhood disease. Usually, it's not a severe disease but it is better to vaccinate your child with varicella vaccine, available in the drugstores. 

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