Anti-Papilloma Dilemma

Anti-Papilloma Dilemma

  Autor dr. Iulia Tincu Data: 16.12.2009

Anti-Papilloma Dilemma
Cancer is a very severe health issue which spreads rapidly nowadays and makes more and more younger victims. The cervical cancer gives us some hope as we know the etiology almost entirely and we can act accordingly. On another side, it is important to accentuate the fact that the cervical neoplasm has some prevention measures and also fast screening methods in order to detect it. As you probably imagine, we are talking about vaccination against Papilloma which was initiated by the Ministry of Health, the first phase being started on 23 of November 2009 and which was addressed to girls in VI and VII grades. 

If you need more proofs, the number are more than obvious; the cervical cancer makes many victims every year (about 300000 of deaths) and Romania has about 15% from the total female cancer pathology. The Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is considered to be the etiological agent responsible for cervical cancer, being noticed the fact that 98% of the women with cervical cancer have a viral DNA at the affected tissues. 

It is already known the fact that the transmission way if the sexual contact and once the virus reaches the cervical epithelium it caused lesions with different evolution stages which might turn into a real malignant tumor. 

The vaccination against only a few viral species is a trustworthy ally in the prevention of the cervical cancer. There are two types of vaccines, one with four and another with 6 viral species, being considered 100% efficient. The big question of the parents is the age when the vaccination is recommended to be started, knowing that the vaccine is indicated especially for girls of 11-12 years old. The immunogenicity studies explain the fact that vaccination at ages between 9 and 15 generate higher specific antibodies titers comparing to the vaccination at older ages, which might extend the protection period. As a result, the efficiency and the protection period are the ones which determine the proper age for vaccination. 

Anti HPV vaccine is not only for the young ages. New researches have proved that women between 24 and 45 who are not infected yet, may be vaccinated against the infection which can be sexually transmitted. The minimum protection period was considered around 10 years. 

The benefit that women have is very big, as it is removed the cause of such a frequent and ruthless disease. More statistical studies show that we can reduce the cervical cancer incidence up to 70%. 
In order to explain a last thing to mothers who have doubts regarding the vaccination, I make my final statement - let's consider the cervical cancer as a diseases mostly caused by a viral agent against which there was discovered a remedy, the vaccine. 

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