A Helping Hand for a Perfect Pregnancy 1

A Helping Hand for a Perfect Pregnancy

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A Helping Hand for a Perfect Pregnancy
It's obvious that a proper alimentation may help you during pregnancy, and after it as well. First, you may consider the nutritional supplements which contain folic acid, an essential elements for the harmonious development of the baby. Many common foods contain folic acid such as asparagus, avocado, bananas, black beans, broccoli, citrus, egg yolk, green beans, vegetables with leaves, lentils, liver, peas, spinach, strawberries, tuna, wheat germs, yogurt and fortified cereals. 

Don't forget, a varied diet might help you achieve your purpose.

Spina bifida, a problem that might be avoided 

Folic acid is a type of vitamin B (B9) which contributes to a healthy pregnancy. If the future mom consumes 0,4 mg of folic acid daily, starting three or four month before pregnancy, this might protect the growing baby from many birth defects of the marrow and brain, called neural defects. The neural defects are the most important diseases that might be avoided with a proper diet. These types of defects occur when there is a deficiency of vitamins in the mother's body. 

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, it might be too late to prevent them. One of these defects, spina bifida, affects almost 4000 newborns in USA, every year. This disease occurs in the first few weeks of the pregnancy. The studies showed that about 75% of the cases may be prevented if the future mother takes folic acid. 

A daily consumption is necessary 

Certain researchers consider that the actual level of folic acid recommended to prevent the neural defects is not enough. Some of them recommend a daily dose of 1 mg, maybe more, to supply the necessary folic acid in the blood. The prenatal vitamins contain between 0,8 and 1 mg of folic acid and this is usually enough for a woman with a normal pregnancy. 

The folic acid consumption is recommended for all pregnant women, because the organism of a pregnant woman eliminates four of even five times more folic acid than the normal quantity, because folic acid is not stored in the body for a long time, and must be replaced every day. 

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