Medical book

Medical book Riscuri de sanatate, atat pentru mama cat si pentru copil, pot aparea atat in timpul sarinii, cat si al nasterii. In aceasta sectiune vom incerca sa va prezentam cateva dintre cele mai raspandite.

» Toxoplasmosis during Pregnancy

Parinte de nota zece
» Children with AIDS
» Malabsorption Syndrome
» Deafblindness in Children
» Tourette Syndrome. Tic Disorder.
» Botulism in Children
» The Turner Syndrome in Girls
» Reye`s Syndrome in Children
» Spinal Muscular Atrophy in Children

The Child
» /How Serious Is the Flu?/
» Bronchopneumonia
» Children Cerebral Palsy
» Acute Rhynopharingytis
» Chronic Hypertrophic Tonsillitis
» Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas at Children
» TORCH Complex
» Summer Illnesses and Diseases
» Bruxism- Grinding of the Teeth at Children
» Pneumonia
» Baby Bottle Caries
» Children Herpangina
» Stem Cells
» Restless Legs Syndrome
» Children Conjunctivitis
» Vojta Therapy for Children with Motor Impairment
» Pierre Robin Syndrome
» Bobath Concept
» Phimosis
» Eruptive Diseases of Childhood
» Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Young Children
» Acute Diarrhea in Young Children
» Intestinal Parasites
» Development Disorders in Children with Disabilities
» Atopic Dermatitis in Little Children (Atopic Eczema)
» Children Thalassemia
» Children Color Blindness
» Children Lead Poisoning
» Boys Circumcision
» Child and Infant Constipation (II)
» Child and Infant Constipation (I)
» How Necessary Are the Medical Interventions?
» Children Obesity
» Doctor Visits - Vaccinations - Part III
» Doctor Visits - Vaccinations - Part II
» Doctor Visits - Vaccinations - Part I
» Rickets in Young Children
» Infant Digestive Problems
» Eye Problems in Little Children
» Growth Disorders in Children with Disabilities II
» Growth Disorders in Children with Disabilities I
» The Williams Syndrome
» Acute Bacterial Sinusitis
» Psychogenic Constipation in Children
» Large Newborns for Gestational Age - Macrosomia
» Congenital Disorders
» Secondary lactose Intolerance
» Taking Care of the Sick Child
» Mandatory Vaccination Calendar
» Visceral and Ocular Larva Migrans
» Febrile Seizures in Children
» Parasitic Infections in Adults and Children: Trichinosis
» Parasitic Infection of the Children Digestive Tract (Enterobiasis)
» The Parasite Infections of the Digestive Tract in Children - Giardiasis - Part II
» The Parasite Infections of the Digestive Tract in Children - Giardiasis - Part I
» How to Take Care of Our Child in the Cold Season
» Mumps
» Pertussis
» Neonatal Jaundice
» Irritant Diaper Dermatitis
» Oral Candidiasis

The Diet of Pregnant Woman
» A Helping Hand for a Perfect Pregnancy

The Mother
» Anti-Papilloma Dilemma
» The Hydatidiform Mole and the Miscarriage
» Prevention of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnant Women
» Obesity Risks
» Oligohydramnios
» Cervical Incompetence and Cervical Cerclage
» Breast Changes which Might Be Warning Signs
» Drugs in Pregnancy- Part I
» Pregnancy and Depression - Causes
» Breast Engorgement - Causes, Prevention and Treatment
» The Plastic Surgery and the Birth
» Toxoplasmosis
» The RH System and the RH Immunization during Pregnany
» Ectopic Pregnancy