Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

  Autor NN Team Data: 09.07.2010

Sleep Disorders
It seems that between 6 months and 3 years, 25 to 50% of children are experiencing sleep disturbance problems, whether they are due to various fears, nightmares, fear of darkness or the habit of the family by entering the kindergarten. 

Restlessness at night 

Nocturnal fears often manifest early at night and generate a great agitation even groan and cries though the child continues to sleep deeply. What to do? In such cases it is recommended to avoid waking the baby. Slowly and gently caress the child to calm down. Such episodes have no medical importance and don't have adverse consequences for the child. 

Night mares 

Occur in the middle or the end of the night and the situation is different because the little wakes up scared of what he has lived in his dream. You can reassure your child, whispering and explaining him, even though he will not fully understand it was not just a bad dream. By the age of 2 years and half - 3 years, the child can verbalize, so you should put him to talk, as he can, what he dreamed so as your child get free of the burden of happenings in the dream and to realize that all happened in another reality. 

Fear of the dark and monsters 

As the child grows up, he is aware of the world and so the fears of the storm, the darkness of the room, or other 'evil' characters from the stories appear. Immediately after the installation in bed, the baby will 
call you back, terrified of different 'appearances' as the bad wolf or black man. Do not mock him, his fear is real. To calm fears, let him near a plush toy that will watch him, light a lamp at the bedside or leave his room door open to give the impression that he is not alone. Phosphorescent stars that stick on the ceiling or a toy projecting images (with soothing music) will make him feel safe. 

Refusing to sleep 

If when bedtime comes, the little hardly opposes, it mean that it is refusing to leave the surrounding world, the world of adults, in favour of sleep. You can delay bedtime half an hour reading him a story or playing a bit in the bedroom before sleep, because the separation of the daily atmosphere to be gradually made. 

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