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Children "The first three years in the life are defining for the future existence of the individual. The child's care takes place in order to gain the self-confidence, and evolves in the relation with the adult. The most intense emotions and feelings occur in this period, when the means and the abilities of the child to handle them, are not completely formed.

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Healthy Food
» How much does a baby eat? Ideal Portions 1-2 Years

Jocuri si jucarii
» Games for Language Development
» Play, Toys and Games
» The Art of Playing
» The Art of Playing

Obiceiuri suparatoare!?
» Thumb-Sucking: a Dangerous Habit? (II)
» Thumb-Sucking: a Dangerous Habit? (I)

Sfatul psihologului
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Sfaturi medicale
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Sfaturi pentru mamici
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The Toddler`s Development
» Motor Skills Development in Children between 1 and 3 Years
» Active Vocabulary Vs Passive Vocabulary
» Cognitive development at the age between 1-3 years
» Emotional-Affective Development at the Age of 1-3 Years
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