Child birth

Child birth "The birth of a baby is a natural process. We will follow the different stages of birth,from symptoms, up to the welcoming of the child into the world.

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» The Emergency Childbirth outside Maternity

A Top Parent
» Twin Birth
» Vaginal Birth after Cesarean
» Puerperal Infections
» Placenta Removal
» Forceps in Chidbirth
» Vacuum Birth
» Prolapsed Umbilical Cord
» Birth Pains
» Abnormal Presentations and Positions
» Fetal Monitoring

Advices for Mothers
» All about Water Birth

Delicate Problems
» Causes of Genetic Birth Defects

Pre-Birth Signs
» Birth Comes Naturally - Part II
» Birth Comes Naturally - Part I
» Week 40 ... Pre-Birth Signs
» Labor Signs

Prepare Yourself for Being a Mommy
» Cesarean Pro`s And Con`s

The Anesthesia
» Epidural Anesthesia: Side Effects
» Epidural Anesthesia

The Caesarean Section
» Giving Birth by Cesarean Section
» Cesarean Section
» A Glance to Cesarean Section
» Benefits and Risks of Induction and Cesarean Section

The Episiotomy
» Episiotomy
» Recovering after Episiotomy: Perineal Massage and Kegel Exercises

The Mother after Birth
» What does a Mother Feel Holding her Baby for the First Time?
» Mother after Delivery
» Confinement
» Postpartum Fatigue and Energy Recovery

Tips for Lamaze
» Care Practices that Promote Normal Birth I
» Care Practices that Promote Normal Birth II
» Freedom of Movement throughout Labour
» Continuous Labour Support - Part II
» Continuous Labour Support - Part I
» About the 6 Pregnant Care Practices of Lamaze Institute for Normal Birth
» Support Persons during Labour
» Labour Relaxation Techniques
» Spectator`s Position
» Lamaze Courses - How do You Choose?
» 5 Lamaze Myths
» Lamaze Courses
» Birth Periods