When Can a Baby Receive Guests?

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When Can a Baby Receive Guests?

  Autor NN Team Data: 22.10.2010

Everyone want to know your baby! In-laws, parents, friends, brothers, aunts, neighbours, bosses - it is simply explained, it is cute, small and funny and still it is not yet ready to be exposed as at a parade. The period immediately after birth is full of emotional load for parents and professionals believe that they should spend more time together and alone. With all the fatigue of admission and hospital discharge from the maternity, you are not ready for guests these moments!

When it's too early or too late?

Depending on the intensity of relationship with newborn's parents, it can be seen during the first month of life. First degree relatives will prevail while friends and the rest of the family will announce early their visit, preferably at about 3 weeks. Although it seems the last thing you could think the period immediately before or after birth, however grant this detail a few minutes to determine who is imperatively necessary to see the little one in the first week and who can wait until the end of the first month.

Ask for help from a close family member (spouse or parent) for the moment the curious begin to arrive. They will have the responsibility to welcome them in the living room where they will run most of the visit. That way you will pick the time to complete the outfit or breastfeeding. You can shoot them while showing recent pictures of your maternity keeping them busy a few moments. Alien contact with the infant should not be a long and not very intimate one. Prepare a stool or an armchair for visitors away from the crib. We know that it is so cute that invites to cuddle and kiss, but keep these privileges only for the very close. The baby has just entered our world full of germs and needs some time to develop immunity.

The gold standard is to limit visits

It sounds simple, but it is very difficult to convince older loved ones to stay away a few weeks to see their great- grandson. In addition, as parents, you will be happy to receive cards, gifts and probably very eager to show everyone the small.

Take advantage of the moments of infant sleep and try to rest with it. If you spend this time in the company of the guests you will soon build a huge sleep deficit that will accumulate with the tiredness during the last months of pregnancy and birth itself.

If you are too tired to receive visits or worry about exposure to various illnesses, communicate that view to those who want to visit you and I'm sure you will find understanding from loved ones. There should be discouraged the visits of those "who had caught a little chill" even if they claim it is a mere allergy. Not to mention the obligatory washing of their hands before entering the baby's room. The children are very susceptible to any virus brought by adults. Be vigilant, but not rude, in what concerns the health of those who want to hold the baby in their arms. Finally, do what is comfortable for you and your new family. You have no obligation to open your home to visitors before they are ready. Now that you are parents the number one priority is the health of your baby.

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