The Timing of Vaccinations

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The Timing of Vaccinations

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The Timing of Vaccinations

Vaccination is the administration of an antigenic material in order to create immunity against a particular disease. Injected fluid contains either killed or weakened pathogens (unable to trigger the disease against which they are administered), or inactivated toxins.

When a weakened or dead pathogen is introduced into the body, the immune system that creates antibodies enters into action, even if the so-called disease does not occur. When he will meet that live pathogen able to lead to disease, the immune system will have 'arms' necessary to defeat it before triggering the infection. Each country has its own national vaccination schedule, through which recommendations for vaccines are issued to be administered to every person and age management.

In Romania, the National Immunisation Program, adopted by the Ministry of Health, comprises the following vaccines:
Hep B - Hepatitis B Vaccine
BCG - Bacillus Calmette Guerin against pulmonary tuberculosis
DTP - diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis.
OPV - oral polio vaccine against polio.
MMR - measles-mumps-rubella vaccine
DT - Diphtheria-Tetanus vaccine
Rub - Rubella

The timing of vaccination is as follows:
0-24 hours
: Hep b
4-7 days: BCG
2 months: DTP, Hep B, OPV
4 months: DTP, OPV
6 months: DTP, Hep B, OPV
12 months: DTP, OPV
12-15 months: MMR
30-35 months: DTP
7 years: DT, MMR
9 years: VPO
14 years: DT, Rub
18 years: Hep B

Vaccines are made by the doctor, in infants and preschool and school children by the school doctor. The parent must note the date and name of which each vaccine made or exactly in the exit vaccination card received from maternity.
Before the injection the doctor should know if your child had an illness or any abnormal symptom, if treated with any drug, if he has allergies to medicines or food. All these may be vaccine contraindications. Also, call your family doctor if your baby is born prematurely or has already had the disease against which the vaccination is made.

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