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Sleep is a vital necessity of the newborn, there are hours of relaxation and regeneration, but also the moment when parents are calm and focused more on them.

The temperament and personality of the newborn, and its daily activities, determine the number of hours of sleep they need.

The most beautiful picture of your little angel is sleeping time. At that time he seems quiet, happy, safe, thanks to the care and love that you give him. It is true that you do not get tired of him! You can comfort him, speak to him gently and, like many other mothers, you wonder how you managed to bring into the world this tiny creature, this little miracle.

I'm sleeping now

In the first months of life of infants, sleep is closely linked to his meals. When he is satiated, prefers to sleep. Of course, waking from sleep is not always the desire to eat. He wakes up when he's thirsty, when he feels pain or gets dirty and the diaper must be changed.

At about 9 months the child begins to 'say' when he wants to sleep or not. He can react and try to avoid sleep, even when really tired. He may want to continue a game he likes, without regard to fatigue, or may feel insecure and do not want to be free of this parents, especially if they form the impression that sleep is the means used by family to "get rid of him".

Maintaining a proper sleep schedule is a good habit.

This does not mean that if there are situations where the child wants to stay awake, perhaps because he is troubled by a certain change in its program, he must be taken by force into bed. His biological clock does not always work as parents want.

  • It is also very important how they will use words to explain their child it is time for bed. Phrases like 'if you are not good I send you to sleep! "or 'let the play and come to bed! "create in the child a refractory mood about sleep and makes him become nervous.

If your baby seems to be sleepy, but refuses to sleep, do not force it. It is better to wake him completely, to preoccupy him with something, to play with him. He will consume energy and thus will fall asleep easier.

Favourite place

Outdated view of the ideal position for infant sleep, namely sleep on his stomach in order to avoid drowning in the event of vomiting, is now questioned.

Practice has proved that the safer he feels, the more quickly the child becomes independent. Therefore, when the baby has an alternative and parents welcome him in their bedroom, he will accept easier to sleep in his bed and will learn to be autonomous and to trust himself.

How to sleep better

The baby has no preference for the place where he sleeps. He can enjoy his sleep anywhere: on the couch, the harbour-baby, when he goes for a walk or in his crib. It is enough to feel safe. This comes to help his mother who can thus watch him, avoiding the pointless effort to move. Later, when night's sleep becomes more peaceful, it is good for the baby to have a stable place, where to sleep.

Sweet dreams...

  • It is not required to be absolute silence when the baby sleeps. No need to be a radical change of your daily schedule (only if used to listen to very loud music). The baby gets used to noise and do not feel upset.
  • Do not cover it very thick, let him take air and move freely. Excessive heat can lead to overheating. Neck temperature will make you understand if he is hot or not.
  • Make pleasant sleep time, adopting a plan: make his bed, give him milk, bath him, wash his teeth, put his pyjamas, read a story and give him a sweet kiss of goodnight! Following an "evening program", the child becomes accustomed to a ritual that relaxes him and teaches him to enjoy sleep.
  • It is recommended that your baby sleep without a pillow, especially when very small (it may prevent them from breathing).
  • With disposable diapers, good absorbent, the child will feel dry and will sleep more peacefully.
  • Soft sounds and calm movement of musical toys 'swings' and relaxes him. Do not bear away his pleasure of sleeping with one of his favourite toys; it is enough to be convinced that he is safe.

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