Infant Massage: Rules and Techniques

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Infant Massage: Rules and Techniques

  Autor NN Team Data: 27.03.2009

Infant Massage: Rules and Techniques

Baby massage is beneficial in several ways, but can also strengthen his relationship with his parents. For a proper massage you must remember some basic rules:

  • The room in which the massage is hold should be well heated (only the baby will be naked for a good few minutes).
  • Before beginning the massage, make sure you have everything at hand, namely the oil or the moisturizing lotion, wipes, the new diaper or any other object that you might need.
  • Get off all rings, bracelets or other jewelry. Your baby's skin is very sensitive and his pleasure can quickly turn into tears if you hurt him even slightly. For the same reason, mother's nails should be cut short.
  • It is better to sit the baby on a soft surface, clean and warm, such as a blanket or towel placed on the bed. But we can keep it very well in our lap after we set up a clean cloth.
  • Use a special baby oil, or boiled and cooled olive oil. In any case, do not use massage oils for adults, especially if they have strong flavors. At the beginning you put in your palm than half a teaspoon of oil, enough to easily slip your hands and do not forget to warm the oil in your hands before touching teh baby. If you have cold hands, he will certainly not be too happy.
  • Rub it with gentle but firm movements of the palms and fingers. On the belly and chest use small circular motions, patting it on the shoulders, legs and use up -down movements, and on the back the opposite way.
  • Do not press too hard on baby's sensitive body and avoid the baby's spine.
  • While massaging speak to your baby, sing it and look into its eyes to keep its interest.
  • Do not anoint with oil the palms and fingers of the child because there is the risk to carry them to mouth or eyes. Do not massage the face and head.
  • After the massage, wrap the baby in a clean towel and hold it up in your arms until the oil penetrates the skin.
  • Do not massage the child before or immediately after eating and quit completely the meal if it is sick. Do not wake it up to rub it.
  • Avoid touching the sores, wounds or where the vaccine was made, because it could hurt.
  • Choose a time when mom and baby are relaxed. Needless to start massage if you hurry or if you know it is going to be interrupted.
  • No need to exaggerate, even if the activity is enjoyable. A newborn will not support more than 2-5 minutes of massage, while a child over two months would have to like also more elaborate massages.

Some massage techniques

To remove gas, massage the stomach with your palms, using a circular motion clockwise or counterclockwise. Use firm movements. If th baby's uncomfortable you'll know by its reactions.

For constipation, lie the child on its back and grab a leg with one hand, and with the other rub the back of the thigh, descending slowly to toe. Skip then to the other foot. Also, you can sit the baby on its tummy and use your fingers to press down on both sides of the spine, just above the buttocks.

In the case of colds, remove headaches, rubbing its nose. Place your thumb between the eyebrows and move down on the nose. Then move your finger on the baby's forehead from one temple to the other and repeat the two movements dozens of times. If you do not get any results, massage its temples with circular movements. To assist in cleaning the nose, put two fingers on the forehead, above the nose, then let them slide off on the sides of the nose, towards the nostrils and across the cheeks, to the ears. Repeat several times.

For muscle relax, sit the baby on its belly and let your hands slide on its back, from shoulders to buttocks, on both sides of the spine. Pay attention not to press too hard on the spinal column! Then "roll" each arm and leg between your hands. If it does not like this move, take each limb in your hand, from the root, and let your hand slide down, with a milking motion.

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