How to Choose the Swaddling Table

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How to Choose the Swaddling Table

  Autor NN Team Data: 16.02.2011

Since only in the first year of baby's life you will change about 2500 disposable diapers, it is clear that you need a comfortable place for this delicate operation.

Clearly, you need a special table to change the child in order to avoid repeated bending and back pain and the toilet needed be at hand: powder, diapers, and cream for the buttock.

Wardrobe table or simple table?

When looking for such a piece of furniture, you will find that there are two types: simple changing table or incorporated in a closet. As tempting as it sounds the second offer, think you have to invest a larger amount of money and need to dispose of a relatively large space for its location. Also, experts point out that such a table is not perfectly stable and the upper shelf may collapse under the weight of the child (especially if you use it after the age of one year). Your consolation prize is that classic changing tables for babies are enhanced with special shelves for storage of toilet articles. In addition, if you decide it is important to have an object with two uses in one, it is preferable to choose a table that has incorporated a bottom shelf, a special bath tub (at bath time, it then remains to exchange between the first and second floor) and policies settled for soap, shampoo etc.

Extra features

Also, depending on you own needs, the desire for comfort and, last but not least, the budget available for such investment, you can get a swaddling table that offers you special facilities: wheels for easier handling, waterproof coating (instead of a simple wooden boards on which you put a thick waterproof blanket), various playing accessories (like carousel with pets), numerous compartments, areas for accessories.

Selection criteria

When you get in the store, it is essential to check other features of the changing table also, to be sure you choose an object with prolonged use, comfortable and durable.

  • Height should be adjustable to allow an adjustment depending on the person who looks at more for the baby. A table too high or too low will not provide comfort and hoped comfort may well be replaced with any piece of furniture already available in the house.
  • Stability is very important. The table does not have to move, be inclined to one side or another. Its legs should be thicker and more firm. Move the table with one hand to check the stability.
  • Resistance. Remember that you should use this object at least one year. As baby grows, the table will have to bear more weight. If it is made of fragile parts, if it does not seem well-crafted, looks a more appropriate model.
  • Search tables showing the types of harnesses or child bonding systems. At 4-5 months, the baby is trying to twist and can easily fall off a table, from a considerable height.
  • Make sure you buy a piece that shows a minimum of storage spaces (drawers for creams, wet wipes, diapers, towel racks, baskets for diaper bags, etc...). It is also very important to easy access them.
  • Folding tray tables offer all the comforts and, moreover, will help save space, especially if you live in a studio.

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