Baby`s Sleep Schedule

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Baby`s Sleep Schedule

  Autor NN Team Data: 11.06.2010

Baby`s Sleep Schedule

Sleep is very important in baby's development, especially because their body is developing at an extraordinary pace. You will not succeed from the beginning to establish a program of sleep, but for the moment, it does not matter. He will sleep in his own pace, depending on the temperament and pace procedure.

How many naps does he need daily?

Newborn babies sleep in naps of two to four hours, whether day or night. We are unable to establish a program of sleep, because children have not yet adapted to environmental conditions outside the uterus. So they will sleep when and how they feel.

Around the age of 6-8 weeks, the baby starts to have a more structured sleep program. He will begin to sleep more in fewer naps.
At 3-4 months, many babies begin to settle a sleep schedule, and now it is the time to impose a schedule that helps you also.
Until 6 months, your baby will stabilize in two to three naps a day, to which will be added the night's sleep.
At 9-12 months, most babies sleep twice a day, in the morning and afternoon, and at 18 months, will sleep only in the afternoon, a program that will be kept up to 3-4 years.

Establishing a program

Follow signs to announce sleep! If he starts to yawn, to rub the eyes or to pull his ears, which means it's time to sleep. Note the times of day when these signs begin to appear, in order to establish a pattern. Begin to take him to sleep 15-20 minutes before fatigue installs, change him, speak to him softly and swing him, because even when these signs appear, he has already prepared for sleep.

Respect your program!

Do not vary very much the time when you take him to sleep every day, because his body quickly gets used to the program. Try to set the sleep time at hours of the day when the chances to be interrupted are lesser. Of course, you cannot schedule all activities of the house according to baby's sleeps, but gradually you will find that, based on your program, you will better manage the little time you have available.

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