Again on Natural Nutrition

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Again on Natural Nutrition

  Autor Material taken from the methodology of the Institute of Mother and Child Care Data: 29.06.2005

Again on Natural Nutrition


Making a milk secretion that ensures the child's weight increase is mainly the result of a sufficient request from the child. Frequency of breastfeeding should be 8-12 times per 24 hours, day and night. Alternate breast offered at the beginning of breastfeeding. Do not limit the duration of suckling on each breast.

Remember that breastfeeding means mother and baby participation and that each of the two partners can request sucking. Sometimes a normal child wants to suck again after an interval of less than 2 hours from the previous meal. This must be enabled (the more the baby sucks the more milk- secretion increases). On the other hand, especially nursing mothers for little time or for the first time may feel a breast engorgement (hardening of the breasts) unpleasant when the time between meals is greater than 3 - 4 hours. Engorgement should be avoided. It is accepted that the mother can wake the child and start sucking when the interval between meals was too long.

How does the mom know if the baby is getting enough milk?

  • wet diapers in 24 hours (over six);
  • more stools per day (4-8);
  • the child is satisfied after nursing.

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