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Babies "This period is very important both in the parents and in the baby's life. The information he receives and the messages from the sorrounding world accumulate little by little. Processes of adaptation to different conditions, different experiences. The energy consumption, the attention, the care for the child, for you, the life with your partner etc.

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How to Choose the Swaddling Table

How to Choose the Swaddling Table Since only in the first year of baby's life you will change about 2500 disposable diapers, it is clear that you need a comfortable place for this delicate operation. Clearly, you need a special table to change the child in order to avoid repeated bending and back pain and the toilet needed be at hand: powder, diapers, and cream for the buttock. Wardrobe table or simple table? When looking for such a piece...


Tips For A Safe House

Tips For A Safe House Safety is the first rule when you have a baby. At the age when babies begin to walk by crawling or teach the first steps, even the simplest and most innocuous household objects can be a danger to children. Babies are very curious by nature and want to investigate in detail every item. And, of course, attention is drawn primarily to the prohibited areas. Here are some useful tips to ensure a safe environment for the babies....


Baby Gestures. What Does that Mean?

Baby Gestures. What Does that Mean? You would like a lot to understand what your baby wants to communicate, but, unfortunately, for now, you do not speak the same language. However, there are some signs that you can unlock, which will help you understand it. When it is fascinated by something Focuses its gaze on an object, raises and lowers its eyebrows. Eventually, looks for the object it pursues and tries to head towards it. You must encourage it to...


When Can I give Cereals to My Baby?

When Can I give Cereals to My Baby? When it's the time to introduce bottle cereals in infant feeding, meaning its first food of variation after months based solely on the supply of milk? What are they good for? May have negative effects on the baby's digestive system? How many sorts are these cereals? Here are just some of the questions that we try to answer. When? You may have received pieces of advice related to the more rapid introduction of grain...


Introducing New Foods

Introducing New Foods By the age of six months milk is the basic food for the child. From 5-6 months, its food needs change, and milk does not get. Children are different, are not ready for solid foods all at once. Some signs that may help you: birth weight has doubled, he can sit with support, shuts his mouth when you are getting the spoon in his mouth, he knows to show you he is not hungry turning his head or refusing to open the mouth or is interested in...

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